BDV SecretFolder 2010

BDV SecretFolder 2010 is a simplest tool for hiding of files and folders on FAT/FAT32 disk.

There are a lot of methods how you can protect your confidential information. But the best one — for sure — is to hide it.

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How It Works

How about creation of secret folder on your USB Flash Drive which you may show or hide with one mouse click? Well, really as easy! For your convenience we have developed BDV SecretFolder 2010 software. You may put it on your Flash Drive — it is portable and takes only 140 Kb.

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Key Features

  • Works with FAT/FAT32 drives only, including USB Flash Disks.
  • Automatically create SecretFolder in a root of from where it is launched.
  • Can show/hide SecretFolder by one button click.
  • Hidden data cannot be accessed, detected or deleted in a usual ways (only under DOS, Linux and Windows earlier than Vista).
  • Portable: can be executed without installation from any FAT/FAT32 disk.


There is no limitation on number and size of hidden files. Just keep in mind that when SecretFolder is hidden, it still occupy same space.

Always make a bakup of your hidden files to make sure you will not loose any important data by accident.

Keep in mind that hidden SecretFolder can be detected in Windows Vista or later versions.

Legacy Software Status Note

HTML TableFactory has a “Legacy Software” status. This means that our new and existing customers still can take advantage of full support for this product without any restrictions. But new versions of this software are not planned.

We recommend you to use our BDV DataHider instead of BDV SecretFolder 2010. It works with FAT, FAT32 and NTFS drives, allows you to select one of 6 strongest encryption algorithms, protect your data with a password and do a lot of other things. You really need it if you want to be sure that your confidential data are covered with highest level of protection.

Quick Facts

Date:Nov 17, 2009
Size:137 KB
OS:Windows 2000 ↑

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