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System ScreenSaver is a simple utility that allows you to run any program as a screensaver.

Although screen savers can be very cute, you might want to use the power of Windows screen saver engine to solve more practical tasks.

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Examples Of Usage

System ScreenSaver is used by thousands of users over the world to solve hundreds of tasks.

For example, it can be used to notify remote server when user is out of working place, for starting of system optimization tools, security maintenance, antiviral checking, data backup, preparation of working place for next user and so on.

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Key Features

System ScreenSaver uses standard Screen Saver engine. In this way it does not consume any system resources, as application is launched by Windows only when defined conditions are met.

When you open System ScreenSaver Settings window, you can specify any application or system command to execute, in the same way as you do it in a standard Run box (opened by Win + R).

Also you may specify the time out — that is how much user idle time must elapse before the command is executed.

Another feature you may find useful is to minimize all running applications when the command is executed.

Legacy Software Status Note

System ScreenSaver has a “Legacy Software” status. This means that our new and existing customers still can take advantage of full support for this product without any restrictions. But new versions of this software are not planned.

We recommend you to take a look at our BDV SystemEvents product, which is the next step in evolution of System ScreenSaver.

Quick Facts

Date:Feb 13, 2008
Size:244 KB
OS:Windows 95 ↑

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New version of BDV SystemEvents 1.3 released.

New version of BDV SystemEvents 1.2 released.

BDV SystemEvents 1.1 released.