ScreenSaver Commander

ScreenSaver Commander

ScreenSaver Commander is a free screen saver manager and randomizer.

If you like screen savers, you probably want to enjoy more than just one of them. But Windows allows setting only one active screen saver at a time. So here it is — simple and handy tool for easy control over your favorite screen savers and breaking these limits!

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Screen Saver Engine Extension

The main idea of this software is to make built-in Windows screen saver option much more powerful and configurable. It gives you an opportunity to use more than one screen saver: you can create own list and set desired order, playing duration and much more.

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Key Features

  • Automatically scan your system and create a list of installed screen savers.
  • Manually add/remove/enable/disable screen savers in a list.
  • Set desired order of execution or make them randomly selected.
  • Specify individual playing time for each screen saver.
  • View full information about selected screen saver, change its settings and test it.
  • Change Windows screen saver settings and the display power-off options directly, with ability to set timeout values with one-second resolution.
  • Create a list of conditions to prevent starting of screen saver when specified applications are running.
  • Run your favorite old screen savers, which cannot be used currently with standard Windows features.

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Quick Facts

Date:Sep 17, 2008
Size:284 KB
OS:Windows 95 ↑

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