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Words Of Wisdom

A good example is a lesson
anyone can read.

Anger is often more harmful
than the injury that caused it.

An invasion of armies can be
resisted, but not an idea whose
time has come.

Apathy is the glove into which
evil slips its hand.

A person can run away from his
troubles just as easily as he
can run away from his shadow.

Art is the demonstration that
the ordinary is extraordinary.

A winner is a person who asks questions
and listens to the answers; a loser never

A wish is a desire without
anyattempt to attain its end.

Being the best means
outrunning the rest.

Better to ask twice than
to lose your way once.

Once you start worrying about what
other people think of you you stop
being yourself.

Challenge your own mind -- stretch
and exercise it like any other part
of your body.

Change is a measure of time and, in
the autumn, time seems speeded up.
What was is not and never again will
be; what is is change.

Character is the sum total
of all our everyday choices.

Cooperation is doing with a smile
what you have to do anyway.

Courage is not the absence of
fear but the ability to carry
on in spite of it.

Deciding whom you'll marry is the
most important decision you'll make.

Don't be content with being average.
Average is a close to the bottom as
it is to the top.

Dreams and dedication are
a powerful combination.

Duty is a matter of the mind.
Commitment is a matter of the

Eagles we are not, but we can still
fly. Our imaginations become our wings.
The magnificent eagle is still just an
eagle but we can soar as high and as far
as our aspirations take us.

Everyone is allowed an occasional
failure -- except the skydiver, of

Excuses are the tools with which
persons with no purpose in view
build for themselves great monuments
of nothing.

Other people may be there to help us,
teach us guide us along our path but
the lesson to be learned is always ours.

Experience is the best teacher,
but the tuition is very costly.

Failures are a normal part of
life. They are not disasters.

Few things are created and
perfected at the same moment.

Finding fault is easy.
It's improving that's hard.

Our eyes are placed in front
because it is more important
to look ahead than to look back.

Find one thing you
do extremely well.

Follow your dreams.

Football players are the only
people who can go anywhere by
playing both ends against the

People always say to follow your heart
but what they don't tell you is that
just because you follow your heart
it doesn't mean there'll be a happy

Shoot for the moon. Even if you
miss you'll be among the stars.

Forget mistakes. Organize
victory out of mistakes.

For problems, sweat
is a good solvent.

Golf is a sport that separates
the men from the poise.

Golfers are happiest when
they feel below par.

Good, better, best; never rest
till good be better, and better,

Good ideas, like pickles, are
crisp, enduring, and devilishly
hard to make.

Good sportsmanship means being
good losers. But it doesn't have
to mean being perfect.

Great visions often
start with small dreams.

Habit is like a soft bed,
easy to get into but hard
to get out of.

Happiness involves working
towards meaningful goals.

Happiness is like perfume:
you can't give it away without
getting a little on yourself.

He knows not his own strength
that hath not met adversity.

High expectations are the
key to everything.

How a person plays the game shows
something of his character -- how
he or she loses shows all of it.

Humor is an affirmation of dignity,
a declaration of man's superiority
to all that befalls him.

I believe that there's an
athlete in all of us.

Ideas are the great moving
forces of history.

If at first you don't succeed,
you are running about average.

If it is to be, it is up to me.

If there is larceny in a person,
golf will bring it out.

If we have our own "why" of life,
we can bear almost any "how."

If you don't know where you're
going, you'll end up somewhere

If you don't swallow praise,
ti can't hurt you.

If you give me a fish, I'll eat
for a day. If you teach me to how
to fish, I'll eat for a lifetime.

If you wait, all that happens
is that you get older.

If you want your dreams to
come true, don't oversleep.

Imagination is the highest
kite that one can fly.

Improvement begins with "I."

Improvement counts,
no matter how small.

In golf, as in life... it's
the follow-through that makes
the difference.

In gold, the proof is
in the putting.

In the game of life, someone
has to warm the benches.

Initiative is doing the right
thing without being ordered to
do it.

It doesn't matter if you're on
the right track, you'll still
get run over if you don't keep
on moving.

It is hard to create a
great thing suddenly.

It is misery enough to
have once been happy.

It isn't our position but
our disposition that makes
us happy.

It's not the sugar that makes
the tea sweet, but the stirring.

It's not who wins or loses;
it is who gets the blame.

It takes a lot of training to
be an engineer, and it takes a
lot of boating to be a sailor.

Knock the T off can't.
You can if you think
you can.

Life is like a ladder.
Every step we take is
either up or down.

Like a cypress swamp whose trees
persist and thrive for centuries,
we can build special talents that
help us persist and thrive in the
an ever changing world.

Losers let it happen.
Winners make it happen.

Lots of people want to ride with
you in the limo, but what you want
is someone who will take the bus
with you when the limo breaks down.

Love is a great beautifier.

Luck may sometimes help;
work always helps.

Make an effort everyday to feel
good about who you are and what
you can be...

Money changes people just as
often as it changes hands.

Money is a lousy means of
keeping score.

Morale is when your hand and feet
keep on working when your head
simply says it can't be done.

Never let a day go by
without a dream.

No one ever excused
his way to success.

Nothing increases the size
of fish like fishing all by

Nothing is hard if you try.

Nothing is worth more
than this day.

One loss doesn't make a season.

One suggestion with a spark
of truth is worth a hundred
repetitions of sound platitudes.

Patience is the ability to idle
your motor when you feel like
stripping your gears.

People are lonely because they
build walls instead of bridges.

People fail because of
lack of discipline.

Praise should be directed at
the performance not the person.

Pro golfers realize that
money can grow on trees.

Refusing to ask for help when
you need it is refusing someone
the chance to be helpful.

Remembering is a dream
that comes in waves.

Remember when you were at your
best? Now be there again.

Simple solutions seldom are.

Skill is stronger than strength.

Solitude is a good place to
visit but a poor place to stay.

Some minds are like concrete,
thoroughly mixed and permanently

Spoon-feeding in the long run
teaches us nothing but the shape
of the spoon.

Success can be measured more by
obstacles overcome when trying
to reach success than plateaus

Success depends on your backbone
not your wishbone.

Success is getting up one more
time than you fall down.

Success is never final, and
failure is never fatal.

Success is not how high and fast
you reach the top, but how high
and fast you bounce back when you
hit the bottom.

Temper is what gets most of us into
trouble, but pride is what keeps us there.

The ability to beat the odds
lies within us all.

The basis of love is respect,
and that needs to be learned
from affection and friendship.

The best angle from which to
approach any problem is the

The best tranquilizer is
a clear conscience.

The end of wisdom is to dream
high enough not to lose the
dream in the seeking of it.

The expert in anything was
once a beginner.

The greatest mistake you can make
is to be constantly fearful you
will make one.

The hardest thing in life to
learn is which bring to cross
and which to burn.

The history of every country
begins in the heart of a man
or a woman.

The idea of calm exists
in a sitting cat.

The longer you keep your temper,
the more it will improve.

The miracle is this -- the more
we share, the more we have.

The most important six words:
"I admit I made a mistake." The
most important five words: "I am
proud of you."

The most important word: "We."
The least important word: "I."

The one thing worse than a quitter
is the person who is afraid to begin.

The only thing necessary for evil
to prevail is for good men to do

The reason golf is so popular is
because it is the only game where
you keep your own score.

The secret of action is to begin.

The task ahead of us is never
as great as the power behind us.

The two best times to keep your
mouth shut are when you're swimming
and when you're angry.

The work will teach
you how to do it.

The wrong way to make your
way is to insist on having it.

There are four ages of man:
1) when you believe in Santa Claus,
2) when you don't believe in Santa Claus,
3) when you are Santa Claus,
4) when you look like Santa Claus.

There is no failure
save in giving up.

There is no limit to what can
be accomplished if it doesn't
matter who gets the credit.

There's no elevator to success.
You have to take the stairs.

There's nothing people like better
than being asked an easy question.
For some reason, we're flattered
when a stranger asks us where Maple
Street is in our hometown and we can
tell him.

To achieve all that's possible we must
attempt the impossible -- to be as much
as we can be we must dream of being more.

To belittle is to be little.

To be successful, you have to keep moving.
After all, no one stumbles on something
sitting down.

To succeed -- do the best you can,
where you are, with what you have.

Triumph -- umph added to try.

Use it or lose it.

Use the talents you possess;
for the woods would be very
silent if no birds sang except
the best.

We are the architects of our own
fortunes, and our happiness depends,
in the end, on ourselves.

We can do anything we want
if we stick to it long enough.

We cannot do everything at once;
but we can do something at once.

We can't all be shining examples,
but we can at least twinkle a little.

We heard of a man who decided
not to procrastinate anymore --
but he never got around to it.

We often don't know what we've
been missing until it arrives.

We see possibilities in others,
but do we ever dream of the
possibilities within ourselves?

What I admire in Columbus is not
his having discovered a world but
his having gone to search for it
on the faith of an opinion.

What I truly value -- I do.

When success turns a person's
head, he is facing failure.

When you play golf you are
locked in combat with your
own worst enemy -- yourself.

Winners believe they can win.

Winners concentrate on winning.
Losers concentrate on getting by.

You can let bad times make
you bitter -- or better.

You can't hug your
kids too much.

You don't have to have the
lead if you have the heart
to come from behind.

You have to keep jumping to
know when you are jumping at

You need to reach a point
of accepting you can't be
everything you want ot be.

You rarely succeed unless
you have fun doing it.

You will stay young as long as
you learn, form new habits, and
don't mind being contradicted.

Abscence makes the
heart grow fonder.

Creativity is the absence
of a frame of mind.

Music is the language
of the soul.


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