HTML TableFactory

HTML TableFactory is an easy and powerful template-driven HTM table editor.

If you need to create some nice tables for auction, presentation or Web site, you my want to avoid all of these manual coding. So just try this software and you will be surprised how easily you can create professional-looking HTML tables.

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How It Works

You may select template or create table from scratch using intuitive interface. Then fill all necessary data and get HTML code of your table, which you can insert in any Web page or further edit in any HTML editor.

Open Quote on Table screen shot in a separate windowOpen Quote on Table screen shot in a separate window

Key Features

  • Create table from template.
  • Save any table as a template.
  • A complete visual editing of table.
  • Merge / split cells.
  • Built-in preview with ability to save HTML code into a file or Clipboard.
  • Extensive design options: colors, fonts, borders etc.
  • Unlimited undo / redo.
  • Unicode support (UTF-8).

Sample Table Created In HTML TableFactory

Sample Table
Text Properties Cell Properties
Text styles: Bold Italic Merging: Merged cells
Text colors: Green Blue Cell colors: Green Blue
Text Alignment
Center-top Center-bottom Center Left-top Left-Center
This table has been created without any prior knowledge of the HTML tags whatsoever.

Legacy Software Status Note

HTML TableFactory has a “Legacy Software” status. This means that our new and existing customers still can take advantage of full support for this product without any restrictions. But new versions of this software are not planned.

Quick Facts

Date:May 10, 2007
Size:403 KB
OS:Windows 95 ↑

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